Heath Evans Is a former 10 year NFL Fullback and current TV Analyst for NFL NETWORK.

Evans played college ball in the SEC at Auburn University and was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in the third round of the 2001 NFL Draft. During his career, Evans played for the Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, and New Orleans Saints, the last of which he won Super Bowl 44 with.

Evans was the first fullback taken in the 2001 NFL draft when the Seattle Seahawks selected him in the third round (82nd overall). He spent four years with the Seahawks before a brief stent with the Miami Dolphins in 2005 . Soon after being released by the Dolphins, he was signed by the New England Patriots where he spent the following four years before joining the New Orleans Saints. It was with the Saints that he wrapped up the final two years of his long-lived NFL playing career.

Throughout Evans’ career he was a part of two different Super Bowl experiences. In 2007 at Super Bowl 42 he and his teammates tried to complete the perfect 19-0 season, but fell short to the New York Giants in a 17-14 loss. Two years later again, with the Saints he was part of bringing the city of New Orleans its first Lombardi trophy by beating the Indianapolis Colts 31-17 in the unforgettable Super Bowl 44.

Evans is known for his passion. Whether talking about his family, relationship with his daughters, making his opinion known on NFL Network, or attacking his daily fitness regime. He’s all in with a mindset and wants to dominate everything he sets his hands to do. He is goal oriented and set on using his athletic and television success to make a difference in people’s lives. Heath believes humility is the greatest asset a leader can posses, and that great leaders are created, not born. Wherein lies his passion to teach, instruct, and coach the next generation of young athletes so they can achieve their goals and experience true success.